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TF Cricket strikes Partnership with Funngage

TF Cricket strikes Partnership with Funngage

TF Cricket is very excited to announce that it has entered a long-term strategic partnership with Funngage ( a curated and integrated sports platform ) to elevate and grow cricket in the US.

Mr Saby Sengupta, CEO and founder of TF Cricket and Mr Karan Kapoor, Director of Youth Development & Head Coach TF Cricket Academy commented :

Funngage provides us with a great platform to engage Digitally and Real-Time and stay connected with our Kids and Parents in our Youth Cricket Academy and  Players and Teams in our Premier Cricket League. Their Website and easy to use Mobile Application will help us with effective Sports Engagement at grassroots levels in the US.

We are looking forward to this exciting partnership with Funngage to promote a better brand of cricket and make it a mainstream sport in the US.

About Funngage - The Sports Platform:

Built with the purpose of Digitising and Socialising Sports. Funngage is the Curated Technology Platform for Sports Only. It empowers:

Sports Enthusiasts, such as, Aspiring Sports Persons, Recreational Sports Persons, and Sports Lovers.

Institutions, such as, Cricket Associations, Academies, Clubs, Sports Bodies, Schools, and Corporates.

Talent Scouts, such as, Coaches and Selectors looking for Talents across India.

As a Sports Technology Firm we take utmost pride in Developing Proprietary Software Solutions for Sports Management for Effective Performance Analytics, Governance, Statistics, and Decision Making.

K Karan Singh, Founder, CEO, Funngage

Global Leader with 17+ years across the America’s, SE Asia, and India. Last being with IBM Singapore Hub's Sr Leadership Team.

I started Funngage with the purpose of being relevant to Sports Tech. While technology has transformed our lives all around and Sports touch everybody, there's no dedicated platform to address this segment at grassroots levels. Funngage is an effort in filling the gap and add value in the lives of sports enthusiasts, professionals, and institutions to manage, govern, and store their sporting memories.

Cricket is our focus sport and we are pretty excited in partnering with TF Cricket and are certain that we would add a good lot of value to your sporting experience.